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Why To Visit Transendence Medical for Your Next Botox® Treatment

The 43 muscles in our faces allow us to make the expressions that display our feelings. Smiles, frowns, fearful looks, angry scowls communicate our feelings more clearly than words ever can.

Unfortunately those same muscles can etch lines in our face that age us. Botulinum A injections (Botox™, Xeomin™, Dysport™) allow these muscles to relax and stop causing the wrinkles on movement that eventually become a permanent part of our face even when we are relaxed.

It takes a highly skilled and experienced injector to be able to relax the muscles of your face sufficiently for the lines to soften, while leaving you still able to move and express yourself naturally.

Botulinum is particularly useful for the lines between the eyes (coin slots), the lines around the eyes (crows feet), and the horizontal lines on our foreheads.

In the hands of a highly skilled and experienced injector such as Dr. Turok, Botulinum can also be used to improve a gummy smile, smooth a pebbly chin and thin a wide face.

Dr. David Turok and his team perform all injectable treatments. Dr. Turok is one of the busiest injectors in the Chicago area. Dr. Turok has over 15 years of experience in Botox (Botilinum) treatments and specializes in giving you a completely natural look.

Dr. Turok also trains other physicians and nurses in proper injectable procedures.
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