Fractional CO2 Laser (active FX, Deep FX)

In the old days (way back in the 1990s), an amazing breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery occurred. By using the Ultrapulse™ CO2 laser, the damaged outer layers of skin cells could be vaporized and the baby new skin that took its place would have much more collagen and much fewer wrinkles. The Downside? Your face was weepy and crusted for 2 weeks and then red for months afterwards.

In the last decade, laser scientists have found that by treating only a fraction of the skin at each of several treatments, the postoperative yuckiness was eliminated and downtime was tremendously reduced. Utilizing a computerized scanning device columns of aged and damaged skin are vaporized leaving surrounding untreated skin to aid in rapid healing. On the next treatment additional areas of skin are treated leaving the new healthy skin to help in the healing.

There are several treatments that can be performed with the LumenisUltrapulse Encore Laser.
The Active FX setting is more superficial and helps to decreasefine lines and wrinkles, remove sun damaged skin, fade dark and age spots, improve skin texture and skin tone, as well as stimulating new collagen production.

The Deep FX laser penetrates further into the dermal layers of the skin, enabling a fractionally ablative treatment that targeting deeper wrinkles and scars as well as more severe textural problems, dermal sun damage, and irregular skin tone.

The Total FX combines both treatments at a single session.

At Transendence Medical, we get excellent results reducing sun damage, acne scars, etched lines and wrinkles and producing new healthier skin with new collagen formed.