Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers can be used for improvement in the appearance of your face, arms, breasts and buttocks. These fillers can be your own fat harvested and transferred or special fillers created to stimulate your own body’s collagen.

Over the past decade, the entire concept of Facial Restoration has completely changed. With continuing research, we have found that the aging face does not “fall” due to the sole effect of gravity and time.

In fact, one of the most significant factors that ages us is the loss of normal structural fat in our faces as we get older and the collapse of our facial skin and structures inwards.

While traditional facelifts still have a role in the treatment of sagging skin of the neck, many of the aging changes of the face can now be better addressed with facial fillers.

We have a variety of filler substances that are FDA approved for facial use. Some like Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Radiesse™) and Poly-L lactic acid (Sculptra™). are more structural type fillers that are administered deeper within the skin. Other fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm™, Bellotero™, Restylane™).are more superficial fillers that are better to fill in more superficial structures and defects such as fine lines.

Everyone is different so our physician or advanced practice nurse will consult with your injector to determine the most appropriate filler regimen to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Don’t risk being treated by someone who is inexperienced. The proper Injection technique can make the difference in achieving a natural result with minimal to no downtime. Transcendence facial filler treatments are safe and effective.

Dr. David Turok and his team perform all injectable treatments. Dr. Turok is one of the busiest injectors in the Chicago area.

Dr. Turok has over 15 years of experience in injectable treatments and specializes in giving you a completely natural look.

Dr. Turok also trains other physicians and nurses in proper injectable procedures.
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