Laser Hair Removal

Before and After – Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is the most popular cosmetic laser procedure in the U.S. Utilizing a variety of wavelengths and lasers, excellent clearance of as much as 85% of the unwanted hair in an area can be achieved, with the remaining hair much finer.

At Transendence Medical we have a variety of lasers including the Alexandrite laser (best for people with light skin and dark hair), the Long pulsed Nd:YAG (safe for people with tanned or darker skin), and the IPL, (better for lighter skin with lighter hair).

Often a series of six treatments scheduled at intervals that coincide with your body’s natural hair growth cycles provide the best results. Depending upon the area of your body being treated often 4-8 week intervals are chosen.

It is important that your treatments are supervised by an experienced physician, as during treatments the remaining hair change in character (often becoming lighter and less coarse), and the treatment parameters must be adjusted accordingly. We will often use different parameters and even machines during a course of treatment to best treat you as your unwanted hair changes during the course of treatment.