Fractional Resurfacing


Before and After – Fractional Resurfacing


Results – Fractional Resurfacing

One of the most powerful tools we have for rejuvenation is Resurfacing. In the past we used to perform full facial resurfacing with CO2 and ErYAG lasers. While these treatments yielded remarkable results, tightening skin, removing wrinkles, pigment and sun damage, they had the disadvantage of requiring a very long recovery time and did have risk.

Over the past few years a new form of resurfacing has been developed. The FRACTIONAL resurfacing technique allows us to treat only a portion of the skin in any area of the face allowing for much quicker healing and much greater safety.

A variety of different lasers are available as fractional lasers, including the fractional CO2 and ErYAG lasers, as well as the fractional YSSG and Thulium YAG lasers.

At the time of your examination we will determine the appropriate laser and treatment to achieve your individualized goals.

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