Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Removal – Before and After

Tattoos are forever. Unfortunately, sometimes our circumstances change and we wish to modify or remove a tattoo. A tattoo might seem like a great idea at the time. However afterwards, very soon with an ex’s name (Really Johnny Depp? WINONA FOREVER?), or perhaps years later, as a faded dragon is just draggin’ you would like to remove an unwanted tattoo.

We have the answer. At Transcendence we have a variety of lasers including the Q-switched 1064nm Nd-YAG laser, The Q-switched 755nm Alexandrite laser, and the Q-switched 532nm frequency doubled Nd-YAG laser to help remove your tattoo.

Q-switched or “Quality Switched” lasers use a special mechanism to allow an highly powerful, extremely brief pulse of laser light to target pigment in the skin breaking up the tattoo ink into smaller particles easily removed by white blood cells.

Why so many lasers? Because tattoos are made of many different pigments and colors and different colors only respond to certain wavelengths of laser light. To obtain the best clearance of your tattoo, sometimes we will alternate which laser we use to clear the ink.

Unfortunately it takes more than one treatment to lighten and fade a tattoo. How many treatments it takes, is determined by the type, age and location of the tattoo as well as which colors are present.
And this same powerful light can also target and remove age spots.