Zerona Laser

Sometimes liposuction just isn’t possible. Time constraints. Cost constraints. Other considerations. We have a solution.

First we treat with the Zerona™a 635 nm low level laser to open pores in fat cells and allow fat to escape into the tissue and lymphatic system. Then we utilize the Viora™ Reaction, a radiofrequency/vacuum device to help the fat exit the body as well as to tighten skin and to improve the appearance of cellulite. While this combination is not the equivalent of liposuction, many people achieve their desired results with a series of brief procedures that have no downtime.

The Zerona™ is a 635 nm diode laser that was originally developed for pain relief. It was found in laboratory and clinical studies to have an even more impressive effect.

The Zerona™ actually opened temporary pores in fat cells that allows fat to leak out into the tissue space. If nothing is done, the adipocytes, or fat cells reuptake the fat after about 24-48 hours. Following the appropriate regimen, your body removes the fat via the lymphatics and blood stream to the liver where it is broken down and excreted from the body.

This can significantly slim your waist, hips and thighs.

It is also very helpful in helping post-surgical patients heal more quickly.
Doctor Turok was one of the Co-Authors of the seminal study that helped the Zerona™ achieve FDA clearance, and is expert in its use.